Tuesday, 15 September 2020

100 Word Challenge Week 2

 Kia ora happy Te Reo Maori wiki. This week for writing we did the 100 word challenge. enjoy my writing. 

       The farmer and a haystack    

There was a farmer who lived all alone and sold fruit and veggies for money. He was a busy man whose name was David. On a quiet Monday, David put on his muddy gumboots and went to deliver pumpkins. On his way David saw a haystack. He peddled hoping that he could get away, when he looked down his tyre popped and David fell into dirt. His leg was sore and he couldn't get up. The haystack was on it’s way down the hill and hit David in the head. He had a mouth full of hay, ‘“Oh not again!”


  1. Kia ora Mikaylah...I didn't realise you saw my husband riding his bike😊.OK,I know you didn't but I'm sure if he got on a bike he'd end up like this man😉.
    GREAT work.It made me laugh.
    THANK YOU for a beautiful pepeha in room 3 today.

  2. Kia ora Mikaylah. I like the way you righted onley 100 words. was it hard to only rite 100 words or was it easy I think you don't need to work on enaytink. bye and have a grate day. :D

  3. Thank you for your feedback guys I enjoy reading them.


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